Human People




Danny Mitchell is a cuddle enthusiast who is a proud member of a feminist book club run by his single mom. Danny is currently living at home in his mom’s basement suite, while he works on cleansing himself of toxic bro culture and his transformation into a fully woke modern man.


Diane Jones may be unknown by the average movie-goer, but within the film & television industry she is a legendary background actor known for her work in Heat, the Men In Black trilogy and Goodfellas. Diane is infamous for her hallmark method process that involves deep research and inhabiting her roles in the real world before she steps on set.


Martin Kelly is an up and coming ASMR content creator, known as The Chill Factor, who has a modest, but loyal following amongst the underserved middle-age and senior ASMR demographic. Martin is known for his out-of-the-box approach to creating unique sounds that incorporate odd and unexpected materials.