Human People


Without people there can be no humans.

The Kelly&Kelly team has a rich tradition of documentary storytelling on radio, film and television, but never before have we delved so deeply into the human condition as on Human People.

No matter how different each person profiled in the series may be, their documentaries are all bound by the same fundamental questions. What is it that makes people human? Is it our shared hopes and dreams? Our longing for community? Our desire to be loved?


We may never know all the answers, but we do know without people there can be no humans.



Many people are behind the making of Human People.

Lauren Bercovitch
Michael Tanko Grand
Chris Kelly
Pat Kelly
Nadiya Chettiar

Pat Kelly
Chris Kelly

Mark Chavez
Michael Tanko Grand
Pat Kelly

Peter Oldring
as The Chill Factor

Fletcher Donovan
as Cuddle Bro

Eliza Norbury
as Method Extra

Rhona Rees
Enid-Raye Adams
Tarun Keram
Dean Monroe McKenzie
Amy Goodmurphy
Natalie Moon
Angela Galanopoulos
Andrew Barber
Colin Cowan
Carla Mah
Eva Day
Keisha Haines
Conchita Campbell

Director of Photography
Joseph Schweers

Camera Operator
Josh Huculiak

Additional Camera
Simon Huculiak

Greg Ng
Sabrina Pitre
Chris Kelly

Production Designer
Megan Macaulay

Design & Motion Graphics
Derek Pante

Cozette Macallum
David Pullmer
Becca Randle
Rory Gaudio
Jasleen Kaur
Elissa Crowe
Jasleen Kaur
Graeme Achurch
Gregor Phillips

Graphic Design & Website
Grace Partridge
John Holdsworth




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Human People is produced by Kelly&Kelly in association with The Amazing Factory.